EZ-Slip – a J-J Hooks™
barrier connection bracket

The patented EZ-Slip barrier connection bracket is an easy-to-install, multi-functional product that slips seamlessly into the connection joint between two J-J Hooks™ temporary concrete barriers at maximum separation.

In this highly competitive market, contractors and other companies are often forced to explore cost-effective strategies that are outside-the-box to gain even the slightest advantage when trying to maximize profit.

The most tried-and-true methods for decreasing construction costs typically come from labor productivity initiatives, where reducing man-hours has proven the best way to affect competitive bidding. New methodologies along with new technology and automation have a direct correlation to increased efficiency.

The high cost of labor required for the installation and attachment of commonly-used brackets caused two minds to join forces and invent a solution that “conquered” the elusive J-J Hooks™ barrier connection point.

The patented EZ-Slip bracket eliminates the need for drilling and anchoring into these concrete barriers and can be put in place by only one mechanic, reducing labor costs in both installation and removal!

The EZ-Slip bracket is the perfect complement to the J-J Hooks ™ concrete barrier, an industry standard. This dynamic product satisfies the needs of various trades and the variety of applications supported makes the EZ-Slip an extremely valuable accessory in an overly competitive industry.

The bracket is made of solid steel and includes our slip-fit connector with a welded saddle that straddles the concrete barrier, adding strength and security to the assembly.

It provides multiple benefits.

  • Fits right at the precious connection point of the concrete barrier at maximum separation
  • Eliminates the need for drilling and anchoring
  • Doesn’t compromise the quality of the connection
  • No impact to the integrity of the barrier connection, as the attachment is independent

EZ-Slip is extremely versatile and applicable to a variety of use cases:

* Fencing (ask about our EZ-Panel full-featured fencing solutions!)
* Temporary lighting
* Maintenance & protection of traffic (MPT) signage
* Temporary traffic intersections
* Crowd control
* Pedestrian canopies
* Security barriers
… and many more possibilities


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